What is Pinterest?

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What is Pinterest?

There are many unique social media platforms out today which allow you to share different types of media and share common interests with other people. A new innovative social network known as Pinterest has allowed users to share their favourite photos with other users.

Pinterest’s Main Function

Pinterest’s main function is to allow you to share photographs and images across a pinboard. A pinboard is usually the main page of their website, where pictures can be pinned by other users in order to share them. To pin an image, a user must simply find a photograph they wish to share and submit it to the website.

One of the ways Pinterest has created a unique user experience is by creating the pinning system. This new innovative system allows users to share what they enjoy rather quickly, and receive a user response. This allows for users to share their own creations or other user’s creations in a matter of seconds.

People are attracted to this new social media sharing website because of it’s unique and easy to use design. One of the ways Pinterest allows for easy user access is by using a trending page. A trending page is when the pin that has received the most likes is moved to the front page, allowing for easy viewing of the most popular subject. Many users who partake in the use of social media love to know what is the most popular subject at hand, and Pinterest delivers it quickly.

This social media website has also gained popularity due to the fact it is perfect for exposure for artists, bands, and even unique companies. Artists often have trouble getting their work noticed, and most artists fail to become noticed due to lack of exposure.

One of the best ways for a new artist to get exposure is by putting their artwork up on social media platforms such as Pinterest. Social media networks have always been an easy way to get an artist’s creations to go viral, giving them instant exposure. Companies can also make use out of this new social media platform by posting some of the useful or creative products they have to offer.

Who uses Pinterest?

The main demographic of Pinterest is usually young men and women, so a catchy and hip product will usually catch their attention! Pinterest has also been used for sharing good experiences with buying products such as clothing, and many users often post pictures of their newly purchased clothing and where to get it. Pinterest can also help you keep up with the latest fashion trends; as stated before users posts some of the clothing items they have purchased.

Pinterest has been gaining interest extremely quickly and continues to gain new users every day.

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