What is LinkedIn?

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What is LinkedIn and How is it Beneficial in Today’s Modern Society?

Whether you are the owner of a business or if you are seeking a way to grow your professional network as an individual, LinkedIn is an ideal network that is useful for various purposes, including meeting potential business partners or even obtaining a new job position or career.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on building a professional network for those who are focused on building not only their resume, but also their career as a whole. The network is free to join and only takes a few minutes to create a profile.

How to Use LinkedIn With Social Media

Using LinkedIn with social media is possible by registering for an account and then by connecting all of the current social networking accounts you have (from Facebook to Twitter) to help with sharing your professional updates. This will help to gain traction to your LinkedIn profile which may bring new job opportunities or even help you with meeting new associates and networking contacts.

Who Can Use LinkedIn?

Anyone from an individual looking to build a professional reputation or network to the CEO of a multi-miliion dollar corporation can use LinkedIn and can also benefit from doing so as well. Using LinkedIn is a way to find relevant contacts and potential partners to steer clear from linking up with people who are not involved in the same industry as you.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

One of the major benefits of using LinkedIn is the ability to stay in touch with anyone you have worked with in the past week, month, or even in the past decade, regardless of the type of business you had done together. When you use LinkedIn, you are also able to search for potential business partners or networking contacts who may be able to help with expanding your own company. You can use the network to not only promote your personal and professional profile, but also as a tool to help with making introductions to other potential affiliates and future partners or associates as well.

Additionally, when you use LinkedIn, you can make new virtual “connections” with others based on your current networking connections and partners. If you are connected with someone from a fast food corporation who is connected with the CEO of that company, you will be able to request a “connection” between the two of you from your friend who works in the fast food industry. This allows you to bridge the gap and break the ice when you want to present new business ideas or if you have a specific person in mind you would like to connect with relating to your business.

Using LinkedIn allows you to stay in touch with your professional network while keeping your virtual resume and portfolio up-to-date. With consistent updates, you are able to stay relevant and continue to grow your website or business with the help of networking and working with social media within the network itself to help you grow even more.

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