What is Google Plus?

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For those tired of Facebook, there is a new friend in town by the name of Google Plus. It has taken off by storm with over 10 million users signing up the first week. People are now familiar with sights such as MySpace and Facebook, so new users are not uncomfortable with navigating around a new social network. I find that people who are tired with the privacy issues of other social media sites are finding Google+ a refreshing new find.

One of the coolest things about Google Plus is the feature known as “Circles”. You can now classify people into certain circles such as “friends”, “work” and “family”. You can read the feeds from everyone with one main feed or you can just read the updates from a certain circle. This is a nice streamline feature so you have the option to just keep up with the feeds of your choice. While in a one circle, you will get notifications below to let you know you have messages from other circles. Also, a great feature of the circles is that when you post a status update it will give you the option of which circles you want the update to post to. You can also select for it to post to a single circle, person or multiple circles. This is perfect if you don’t want your comment to be seen by work aquaintances and only shared with your friends or family. The chat feature is great and you can choose to chat within a certain circle or with the entire group.

The streaming of the conversations is awesome with the fact that all new posts will show up at the top of the feeds with no need to search through all the pages to get the latest updates.

Photo sharing is easy and you have the choices of which circles you want to share your photos with. You can just drag and drop photos straight from your desktop into Google Plus, use their upload feature to browse pictures from your computer or upload straight from an Android or IOS app.

Two great features that the other social media sites don’t offer is something called Hangouts and Sparks. Hangouts takes chat to a whole new level with the option to video chat with a group of friends or a circle all on one screen. You will start a hangout and then invite friends or an entire circle to join, however only 10 can video chat at one time. With Sparks you can read content from the web that you are interested in without leaving your social network. Both of these make Google Plus stand out above the rest.

To download Google Plus, go to www.Google.com and type in Google Plus. On the top right hand corner, you will see a red sign up box. Follow the instructions to download Google + to your computer and you are on to a whole new, fresh social network experience.

Website http://plus.google.com/
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